Turns out the exam was the easy part!

I decided to be a realtor about 8 months ago.  I started with excitement and a little, ok massive, trepidation of the road that was ahead.  I hadn’t taken a test in 10 years and I hadn’t set foot in a workplace for 6.  However, my baby went to Kindergarten this year and this former full-time mom wondered how I would fill my days besides keeping house and keeping the fridge stocked (because we all know that is the only things stay at home moms do right? Please!)

So after a ton of online research and a gentle nudge from the hubs I started to study, take my chapter tests, it was a TON to remember but the more I plugged away the more I got excited about my new career choice.  I won’t lie, it was by far a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, but I was doing it, I was passing!  Then came the State License Exam, I was petrified! I had heard from so many others what a bear that test was and the testing center certainly wasn’t the kind of warm and fuzzy place with a chipper receptionist that was there to ease your nerves. Nope it was a lock up your belongings, turn out your pockets, I’m following you to the bathroom kind of place.  Two and a half hours later though, I nervously walked back to the not fuzzy receptionist where she handed me my results and there it said in big, bold letters, PASS.  Thank God! I’m a Realtor!!

Umm, not so fast there hot stuff! That was the easy part, now I had to find a broker, apply for my license, and figure out how to put all of that new knowledge to work! It was like being a college graduate all over again.  But thankfully, things started to look up.



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