Caravans, Cattle Herds, and the Agent Open House

Open houses…A fantastic way to meet potential clients, an even better way to see what is on the market in a given price range, and an opportunity to connect buyers and sellers, its what we do!  What us realtors don’t always tell you is we discuss all of these things while we eat a Chipotle burrito hovering over a paper plate trying not to drop anything on your beautiful granite island. 

Today marked my second caravan, although my first was RIGHT after I passed my license exam, so it only kind of counts since I only walked around with my booties on and smiled politely.  Today on the other hand was such an eye opener.  Walking around with one of the most experienced agents in my office and 3 other new agents, we talked pricing, upgrades, and the pros and cons of joining a team.  All very informational to new agents like me.

The big A Ha! Realization for the day is for you home owners and buyers.  Agent Open Houses are a chance for your agent to get crucial feedback and ideas of what will help your house sell faster.  Some agents hold these open houses to appease you, others do it to get cold hard facts to present to you to back up something they already said, others play Open Houses as a numbers game- enough people walk through the front door, someone is bound to buy it.  Either way you dice it, Open Houses are a good thing…for everybody! This girl gets her burrito and you potentially get a sold sign! Winner!

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