Social Media is exhausting

Social Media.  Those 2 words alone can evoke some of the most diverse reactions from almost everyone.  Some can’t live with out it, others have a Facebook page that they check once a month. Some think social media is killing our society, whatever position you hold is yours, and I am cool with that. 

I for one, check my Facebook more times daily than I would ever care to admit.  I adore the time suck that is Pinterest, and I am ashamed at how many stories I start to tell that begin with the line, “I saw something on Pinterest…”

I believe LinkedIn is a portal to my future success and I get a little click happy with the endorsements (you are welcome, or I’m sorry).  But Twitter…I have held out joining Twitter until 2 days ago out of principal that 140 characters just isn’t enough.  However, as my Real Estate horizons broaden, I gave in and am now a twit.  You can follow me @SaraVAhomes.

But I am still holding out on Google+…#justabitlonger


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