14 Reasons to List Your Home During the Holidays

14 Reasons to List Your Home During the Holidays

#1 ~ There is less competition for buyers.

#2 ~ Winter prospects are more serious and motivated buyers.

#3 ~ Homes shows better when tastefully decorated for the holidays.

#4 ~ If the landscaping is the one drawback to your curb appeal, winter is a great time to sell.

#5 ~ One of the highest ratios of “Listings Sold” to “Listings Taken” occur during this time of year.

#6 ~ You may receive more money for your home because there is less competition.

#7 ~ Throughout the holiday season you may restrict showings during personal family gatherings.

#8 ~ Buyers have more time to look at homes during the holiday season, especially during vacation time.

#9 ~ January is traditionally the biggest transfer month and they will use their vacation time to scout out a new city. So you must be on the market to capture them!

#10 ~ By selling now you can have a delayed closing or extended occupancy
until the beginning of the year.

#11 ~ If you sell during the winter, you may chose to purchase during the spring
when there are more homes to choose from and more competitive prices.

#12 ~ You may have fewer actual showings, but more qualified and motivated

#13 ~ Corporate transferees, who need to buy a home now, can’t wait until spring
to purchase.

#14 ~ Bottom Line- By listing NOW you may have fewer showings, but more
qualified and motivated buyers, which should result in a quicker sale and
better price for you!!!

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Happy Holidays to all of you!